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Your team needs to share photos and videos quickly and constantly to tell your brand’s story - but the old ways of managing your files can’t keep up. 1,000 top brands and organizations use Libris to bring agility to the creative process and engage their followers in real time.


High-Speed Upload

Upload files with a simple drag and drop or FTP straight into your cloud-based library


Centralized Assets

Keep all of your photos, videos and other creative assets in one easy-access place


Flexible File Storage

Organize your files in a way that works for your team, and keep files in more than one gallery without taking up more storage space


Fast Tagging & Search

Easily keyword and tag files with metadata and find exactly what you need in seconds


Lightning Fast Network

Trust that your files are safe on our secure, reliable, owned and operated network


Effortless Sharing

Share your photos and videos with stakeholders through log-ins, passwords or a single click


Sleek Branded Portal

Showcase and share your photos and videos through a portal with your branding - not ours


Advanced Permissions & SSO

Make sure your team can access the content they need – and integrate Libris into your organization’s existing infrastructure with single sign-on


Rights Management

Track usage rights automatically with the ability to add license expirations dates and get notifications about expiring image licenses


Adobe & API Integrations

Connect Libris with the tools you use every day, like Photo Mechanic, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and more

Performance at Scale

Libris is a multimedia powerhouse, built with unrivaled security and the ability to scale. We’re home to over 600 million assets, and we back up each one multiple times. That means we manage billions of objects amounting to more than 15 petabytes of data. Every month, we add more than 10 million new professional grade image and video files, support 25 million searches, and handle more than 60 million downloads. Watch Video

Speed up your visual storytelling to real time.

Tools Built for Your Visual Media Workflow

Whether you’re sharing an event photo in real time, looking for the perfect video clip when news is breaking, or aiming to save time every time you need a graphic for marketing or social media, we can help. Research shows teams using Libris save over 26 hours a week. That’s fewer headaches and more chances to engage your followers when it counts.

Top Creative Teams Love Libris

Chicago Blackhawks

Chase Agnello-Dean,
Manager of Team Photography

“Through three Stanley Cups, we have a lot of images that generations from now people will still enjoy. Making sure those are findable for the next person who takes my job is part of why we’re here.”


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New York Jets

Dan Szpakowski
Lead Photographer 

“I’m shooting and transferring photos in real time so my team can use them immediately. Libris really has done a great job letting me do my job and allowing other people  to access my work.”


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Casey Templeton
Commercial Photographer

“For this project for GE, with so many files, so many different people we have to deliver to all over the world, we didn’t have a choice. Libris was the only platform that we knew that would just work.”


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Janet Boye Jenkins,
Creative Director

“Libris is super important for the lifetime of the image. We might be shooting for a specific need today, but we may need that photograph in two years – and to be able to find that is invaluable.”


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Trusted by 1,000 Top Brands

Innovative brands, ranging from pro sports teams to universities to nonprofits, rely on Libris to manage their visual media with speed and ease.

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