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You need a simple way to manage your media files so you can get work done faster. As you race to keep up with the demand for visual content, we’ll be your pit crew.

We are a team of photographers, videographers and creatives, and we’re passionate about visual storytelling. We know the challenges that come along with producing, sourcing and sharing creative assets, and we don’t want bulky processes to slow you down. Our tools are simple and easy to use so you can get back to the best parts of your job.

It’s crucial to have the right tools, but you can get so much more out of your tools if you also have the best information. On the Libris Visual Storytelling Blog, we share client case studies and best practices, tips for getting more from your media library, visual storytelling research and trends, features on cutting-edge content, why your organization should invest in a DAM instead of consumer storage solutions and more. Whether you’re in the mood for metadata tips, a feature on Pandora’s image library or day-brightening DAM puns, we’ve got you covered.

Our team is based in Union Square in New York, NY, where we have monthly events like Photos & Beer, panels on how brands use visual storytelling and user research where we ask clients how we can improve Libris. You can contact us anytime with questions or suggestions - we promise the person on the other end of the line will be a real person, not a robot. You can also meet us on the go at industry events (we always try to organize something fun like a photo walk in the host city). For press inquiries, check out our own Libris media gallery (password: libris), and if you’re interested in working here, visit our PhotoShelter Careers page and watch our marketing and sales team video - we look forward to meeting you!

“I got to preview some very cool and useful concepts that could make it onto Libris. I appreciate that Photoshelter reached out to clients like me to continuously improve their product, and that gives me confidence in our investment.”

- Thomas Ngo, Digital Communications Manager, New York City Housing Authority

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